Medium Doggy Treat Tin

This is a Doggy Treat Tin filled with delicious home made healthy bone shaped biscuits. 
All of our cookies are Low in fat and hand-made, they are slow baked to give the extra crunch and to stop them sticking to the teeth 
We do 5 different flavours in all of our cookies and they are as follows
Lambs Liver
Cheddar Cheese 
Mint & Parsley 
Apple & Cinnamon 
Cheese & Cranberries
The main base of the cookies are Jumbo Rolled Oats and we roll out the cookie mixture with Gluten free flour so these cookies should be ok for dogs who have a wheat intolerance.
The tin comes filled with a mixture of all of the flavours, in addition you can also have a mixture of Bones and small treats.
If you would prefer either all one flavour or a different combination then please let me know at time of ordering
We do not use any added fats in our cookies and therefore the only fat is in the actual ingredients, so Cheese is the highest content but is still low in proportion to the other ingredients
The Tin measures 86mm x 86m x 115mm high
We bake the cookies fresh each week so please allow a week for us to get your order ready, once ready, it will be sent out 1st class post
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Price: £10.00

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