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Take one Chef and a handful of Labradoodle; mix together and you get the Doggy Cookie Company.

I started baking my homemade dog treats because I found that some of the treats that you can buy off the shelves had additives and preservatives in them that seemed to make my already energetic puppy even more hyperactive.

All of the cookies are handmade from fresh local ingredients and contain NO additives, colourings or preservatives. We do not add any Oils or Fats to any of our products and the only fat they contain will be what is naturally in the ingredients such as Cheese and Eggs.

If your dog has any specific dietary requirements please contact me as I am happy to put something together to meet your needs for example if your dog is wheat intolerant we can make your cookies with gluten free flour instead of Oats.

We are always bringing on new products and trying out new flavours at the farmers markets so if you cannot see something on the site that you have seen on a previous farmers market or you have any questions or queries regarding our products please feel free to contact us by phone or by email

I hope you and your dog enjoy our products, we are regularly coming up with new varieties and gift ideas so please join our email mailing list to receive regular updates.




Telephone 01623 888 470

4 Norman Avenue

Sutton in Ashfield

Notts NG17 5FZ


Christine Winkless

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20 Responses to Meet the Team

  1. chrissie says:

    hi im looking to buy some of your liver cake could you tell me how much it is and how i can order it please many thank s

  2. admin says:

    Hi I have sent you an email but not sure if you received it.The liver cake is £3.50 per bag or £7.50 for a loaf both plus £3 p+p.If you email me direct at with what you would like and your details we can go from there
    Many thanks

  3. Faith and Claire Huxtable says:

    We saw you today at Stamford market with our little shih tzu, Hetti.
    We bought some liver cake and she absolutely adores it!
    She says thank you very much for the fusses and tasty treats
    and says her mummy’s will be placing an order as soon as I’ve finished eating
    it all!
    Brilliant business, well done!
    Please add us to your mailing list! Faith, Claire and Hetti Huxtable xxx

  4. admin says:

    Oh thank you, I am so pleased Hetti loves it, she is just adorable and it was an absolute pleasure to give her cuddles and treats, it is the very best part of what I do :). Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and as soon as you need more just let me know. The last day for Liver Cake orders to be posted is Wednesday 19th December xxx

  5. Kate Coulsey says:

    Hi , my son and daughter in law brought my little maltese terrier, Alfie, a tin of your tasty treats for Xmas from you when you were at the Stamford Market . He absolutely loves them. They are just the right size and I will be in touch for a refill in the near future. Great idea.

  6. admin says:

    Hi, I am so pleased Alfie loved them. Thank you for your kind comments and yes just let us know when you need them filling and we can sort you out with some more, what size tin did they get him and did it have just the small treats or the little bones as well? When you need a refill you can mix and match flavours and sizes, ,many thanks and a Happy New Year – Christine & Willow

  7. kate coulsey says:

    Small treats five different favours, think it could be a large tin. Be in touch!

  8. Isobel says:

    Hi. I bought one of your liver cake loafs last week at West Bridgford market for my daughters pug, Gloria. Just to let you know Gloria couldn’t get enough of the cake which we cut into pieces as treats. She also likes the other treats you kindly gave us.
    It is good to know the treats we are giving her are healthy for her.
    Good luck with your business.

  9. admin says:

    Hi, I remember you coming to the stall,I am so gad she liked it.It is great that she liked the Liver and the Cheese ones too, it means you can keep the liver cake for training. The best way to buy the Liver Cake is on our multi buy offer and then cut it up and freeze it, I always have a bag of it in the freezer and then just take out a handful each day. We would love to meet Gloria -if either yourself or you daughter fancy bringing her down to the market we are there on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month.Many thanks for your kind comments

  10. Adrian Bunker says:

    HI we were on the football stall next to you at the Loughborough canal fest. Me and Xena the German Shepherd really loved all the fuss and treats that you kept giving us all day Sunday. and the boxes of treats we bought have been eaten within 3 days so I will have to order some more very soon you are a very friendly and loving couple and we all love the treats
    love form Xena the Shepherd Molly the Miniature Schnauzer and Alfie the Shih Tzu

  11. admin says:

    Ahhh thank you so much for your kind comments, we just love doggies, especially such well behaved ones :). Just give us a shout when your ready for some more and your are welcome to call in and pick them up when your next in Ratby, we run special offers on larger quantities and they can be found by clicking on special offers on the web site.We look forward to seeing you again.

  12. Angus says:

    Thank you for all the love, kindness and biscuits that you have given me over the last year xxx
    Il never forget you and will hopefully see you again xxx
    All my love xxx Angus xxxxxx

  13. claire and matt says:

    Thanks for making Junos first birthday cookie love how it looks and thanks for getting organised when none on wb farmers market sat.Think juno smelt it as was scratching at fridge.

  14. admin says:

    ah you are both very welcome.If you get some birthday pics you are welcome to post them on our facebook page, Best wishes Christine

  15. Jill says:

    Hi, I bought one of your doggy bags from the wood festival in leicester at the weekend, Sophie absolutely loves everything in it especially the liver cake, I will definitely be ordering some more when she has finished munching her way through everything. Thanks for a great product, Jill and Sophie x

  16. admin says:

    Hi Jill
    Ah I am so glad that she loved it, I remember Sophie she was so sweet and so so patient waiting her turn at the Doggy Water queue, we had a great day meeting so many lovely dogs. If you found the Doggy Bag gave you the best mix then email me when you come to order and I will be happy to give you another deal the same
    Many thanks for your kind comments Christine x

  17. Rachel says:

    Many thanks for our goodies Tess & Benson were very pleased with their stash of cookies 🙂

  18. Helen says:

    Your company is the best henry and Charlie love all the treats, and I know they are getting the best , and not stuff full of rubbish, Charlie loves the liver cake and wants to come again, henry likes it all even the tea

  19. Helen says:

    Bought a harness for henry and collar for Charlie very good quality and a lot cheaper then any pet shop, also a much nicer range of colours so now I have two very happy smart looking dogs. Once again the cookie company has come out on top they deserve a gold medal .

  20. Wendy Hicken says:

    Noticed that you have not been at West Bridgford recently. My dogs love your liver cake. Which markets are you visiting in the Ed future
    Wendy from Arnold

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