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Dogs Weekend Holiday Bag


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Letterbox Biccies


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Liver Cake Traybake


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Girl Doggy Birthday Box


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Boy Doggy Birthday Box


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LK! New Mini Cheese Paws Box of 12 (Box is A4 to give you an idea of the size of them) “Delivered through your letter box for just £10 price..

20 likes, 7 comments1 week ago

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New Doodle Clocks £35 plus £3 postage Handmade to order Painted in your Doodles colours or all wood stained (like bone) Can have Doodles name,..

6 likes, 4 comments3 weeks ago

Birthday boxes are a great gift as you get a lovely squeaky toy, nice selection of treats including Cheese Paws and a birthday bandana

5 likes, 2 comments3 weeks ago

Needham Canine Creche

This is what a Doggy Day Care should look like, so much time and effort is put into making sure the dogs have fun are safe and happy. So wish..

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