Five Low Fat Liver Cakes

Why not buy in bulk, save on delivery and freeze them, purchase 5 Liver Cakes together for £10.00

These individual liver cake loafs are perfect for dog training. They will tempt even the fussiest dog. A whisked fat free sponge, it is easy on the hips too. Also great for the more senior pooch whose teeth are not great

They do not contain any added fats or Oils

We recommend that you chop the cake into small chunks and put it in the freezer, it won't clump together and you can just take out as much as you need when you are either going walking or dog training

Important Delivery information

Please note: we send these Liver Cakes first class post with an ice pack to keep them chilled. Please ensure that someone will be in at the Delivery Address or that, if carded you are able to collect on the same day. Otherwise it could result in spoiled goods. We are happy to send them out to a work or friends address if that is more convenient to ensure someone is in

For this reason we do not send out orders for Liver Cake on Thursday - Saturday




Price: £10.00

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