Special Offer – check out our 30% off deal

We know that everyone is feeling a little blue (or should we say grey) with this cold miserable weather so we think you all needing cheering up!

We want to help make your doggy walks more enjoyable with some tasty treats  so we are running this very special offer for one week only!

£10.00 Box of Bones

£10.00 Box of Treats

6 Large Bones

All for just £17.50 instead of £25.00 (30% discount)

To purchase this special offer go to our web site and click on the special offers page and then click add to cart
Offer ends on the 25th March so that we can get all the orders out to arrive before Easter.

Please note when checking out your order when you see the transaction results page, you still need to click the button at the bottom of the page to confirm your order.

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